If you’re short on time or can’t decide between heading to the beach or being creative, these mini classes might be just the thing for you.

This range of classes last approximately 1-2 hours offering you the perfect way to enjoy a creative experience and gain some new craft skills, while not spending too long away from the beaches and numerous other beautiful Milos landscapes. Of course at the end of the class you get to keep your finished products!

The workshops can be tailored for small groups or families with children.


1. Make Your Own Personalised Leather Tags

Price: €15 – €30 | Duration: 1 Hour
Make your bags stand out from the crowd by adding a personalised tag handmade by you. Using a two-tonne vintage embossing press with old world movable brass type, you can emboss your name, initials, or a sentiment onto your own personalised tag which you can use as a luggage tag or sew onto a bag or other accessory.
Please note that the brass type is in Latin characters, and numbers and certain symbols are also available.

2. Make Your Own Personalised Leather Keyring

Price: €15 – €30 | Duration: 1 Hour
Swing your keys with pride, showing off a unique keyring handmade by you! Emboss your name, initials, or a sentiment onto a piece of leather which you will then attach to a lobster ring. You will use a two-tonne vintage embossing press, with old world movable brass type to construct your text.
Please note that the brass type is in Latin characters, and numbers and certain symbols are also available.


3. Make Your Own Fabric Covered Buttons

Price: €15 | Duration: 1 Hour
Any fan of retro would appreciate unique handmade buttons. Learn how to decorate fabric in various simple ways such as with stencils, stamps, fabric paints or pens, and then use your personalised fabric to cover buttons with a professional button press.

4. Make Your Own Key Ring

Price: €15 | Duration: 1 Hour
Make a keyring using a choice of glass and wooden beads, metal charms and semi-precious Howlite charms. A special gift or unique memento, this keyring will be nothing like other store-bought ones you’ve had before.


5. Make Your Own Cotton Eco Shopping Bag/Tote

Price: €30 | Duration: 2 Hours
If you’re a nature lover or an ecologically conscious person you will probably already own a number of reusable shopping bags. As single-use plastic bags are being used less, why not make a personalised tote that you will happily use over and over again? You will learn how to use stencils, stamps, fabric paints and fabric pens to decorate your shopping bag.

6. Make Your Own Wooden Flip-flop Necklace/Pendant

Price: €20 | Duration: 1 Hour
Make a one-of-a kind accessory that will bring back memories of summer every time you wear it. These cute little wooden flip-flops are perfect for hand-painting and decorating with beads and charms, a variety of which is available at the workshop. Once you’re happy with your design, you will get to choose from a selection of leather cords to finish your pendant.


7. Paint or Embellish Your Own Mini Crossbody Bag

Price: €30 | Duration: 1-2 Hours
These gorgeous mini cross body bags are a perfect medium for painting or stencilling. If you wish to match your personalised handbag to an outfit or other accessories, you will get the opportunity to mix the perfect paint colour. These sturdy little bags are fully lined, and are big enough to carry everyday essentials. A selection of beads, pompoms and charms is also available at the workshop, which will add the perfect finishing touch to your bag. And as the bags are pre-made, you can devote all your time to decoration!


8. Make a Unique Collar for your Furry Friend

Price: €20 – €25 | Duration: 1-2 Hours
If you’re feeling guilty for leaving your pets at home while you’re on holiday, bring them back a special handmade gift to show them your love. Made with leather using a pet-safe buckle, you can personalise the collar with studs and rivets, emboss it, and add on a personalised tag.

  • Difficulty: Easy - Medium
  • Required skills: None Necessary
  • Duration: 1 - 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Price: From €15 – Please see individual pricing

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