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Personalising Suede leather Fringe Bag

Tassel as zip pull and personalised keyring for fringed bag

The golden tan and turquoise suede are gorgeous together.

  I am also working on various ways to personalise my products

and for the fringe bag I thought a matching keyring would go well.


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Suede Fringe Bag


This suede is lovely, soft and really heavy.  Its sourced in Greece from third generation tanners and will make beautiful fringe bags.




Embossing New Designs onto Leather

I’ve been busy with new designs that will be embossed onto leather for new bags and wanted to share.

The design is based on acroterion, a decorative element on classical Greek architecture.  It is a design feature that can still be seen on the beautiful neoclassical buildings in Athens and throughout Greece.

More soon.

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Happy New Year

Wishing everyone an amazingly creative and fabulously successful 2015.
Sending love from Milos.


Printing Fun!

Now....time for some fun!!!

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Introducing The Cycladic Wonder Tales


I confess to talking with the story-sprites..a few spirits..and a variety of small, strange creatures! I can’t avoid them anymore..trip over a stone and you’ll find one! I’m proud and honoured to give them form and a voice!!!

Thank you Philip Pullman for your inspiration and your Grimm Tales, and to the wonderful Cycladic Museum, without whom these Tales could never “be”!!!

Finally! …. these first prints are traveling to the USA where they will watch over their new friends.


The characters from the tales, in their many and varied forms, are getting very excited, as their online shop is almost ready…..I’ve even seen some of them preening in front of a mirror!!! Let’s hope they are ready in time.

New Character Designs


For a while my work has been based upon, or influenced by,  a story that I have been working on for a long, long time.

Just when I think I’m happy with something… one of the characters appears and does something distracting, or a new character pops up and introduces themselves, demanding to be included in the current work.

Such is the case with these new characters.

Overseeing their “seadom” wisely.  Always graceful, kind and benevolent.

Please let me introduce

  “The Royals”

(in the making)


The Royals have been hand-painted onto the mesh of the screen printing frame. For the next stage screen filler will be squeegeed over the painted image.

This motif will be printed onto a cotton “sea”………watch this space!!!



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